Last week police in Tallahassee, Florida raided the apartment of Florida State Quarterback Deondre Francois. The police had received a tip that Francois was dealing drugs, specifically marijuana out of the apartment which lead the police to eventually raiding the student athlete’s apartment.

The Tallahassee police reportedly conducted surveillance on Francois’ home for two months prior to the raid, and went as far as to collect the player’s trash on four separate occasions prior to raiding the apartment. The raid produced less than an ounce of marijuana and Francois was charged with misdemeanor possession and was not arrested.

Francois has been recovering from a torn patellar tendon he suffered during the 2017 NCAA college football season. Deondre is expected to be the focal point of the Florida State offense during the 2018 season which will require him to be healthy and eligible. Head coach of the Seminoles told the local paper that the matter was being handled internally and that Francois will need to make better decisions regarding who he associates with in the future.

Tallahassee police conducted surveillance on Florida State quarterback Deondre Francois for two months, operating on a tip that he was selling marijuana, but a raid of the player’s apartment on Thursday yielded less than an ounce of marijuana, the Orlando Sentinel reported.

Francois, who is recuperating from a torn patellar tendon in his left knee, was not arrested. Francois was charged with misdemeanor possession and given the chance to enter a pre-trial diversion program and pay a fine.

According to the newspaper, Francois told police the marijuana belonged to his girlfriend and that the last time he used marijuana was in December 2017.

The newspaper reported that the Tallahassee Police Department received a tip from someone at a drug crime scene that he had seen a grocery bag full of marijuana at Francois’ apartment.

The police collected Francois’ garbage four times between the end of February and the beginning of April. Based on what police found in the garbage, they obtained a search warrant and conducted the raid on Thursday.

The United States has a long way to go for broad legalization of cannabis, but until we see complete legalization and decriminalization of marijuana, we will continue to see stories like this. Stories where taxpayer money is wasted and peoples’ lives are thrust into the spotlight of the criminal justice system all over a plant.