The Etiquette Behind a Smoking Session

So, we have all smoked some weed with our friends before, but we also know that sometimes we can sneak in a session with perfect strangers. Maybe you are at a concert and you dip into a nearby puff puff pass session, or you’re tailgating before a sporting event and smell the sweet aroma of some nearby lit weed, and of course you could always be tagging along to a house party and find a session going on in the living room. Pot smokers are pretty cool people and tend not to mind another cool herbless stranger joining the circle. However, there is certainly an etiquette to crashing a session. Learn all of the dos and don’ts of partaking in a friendly smoke session in our article, ‘Weed Smoking Etiquette 101’ at It’s a great way to meet new people and makes some friends.

Thinking of Herb as Medicinal Rather than Recreational

For a lot of you avid fans of weed out there that may have begun enjoying the righteous herb a long time ago, this concept of medical marijuana may seem sort of foreign to you. We may all joke that hell yeah, weed is my medicine! But, all this stuff we are hearing about CBD and other cannabinoids that help stop people from having seizures and don’t even get people high, might seem kind of out there. Why complicate weed, right? It’s awesome just the way it is. But…. there really is something to the medicinal benefits of cannabis and the truth is, believe it or not, some people don’t like getting high. We are all open minded people, so why not get some new perspectives on the medicinal benefits of things like CBD? Check out our article, ‘The Promising Future Of CBD As A Medicine.’

Ever Feel Like Taking a Break from Weed?

This might be a bit of a bummer to talk about, but sometimes avid weed smokers feel or need to take a break from herb for a bit. Maybe you have a drug test coming up, maybe your finances are low and cutting out weed for little while is a must, or maybe you are just feeling a little dull around the edges. Whatever the reason you are taking a break, it might be a little tough to follow-through on your plan. We have provided a guide on how to smoothly reduce your tolerance and make the clean break you are looking for as easily as possible. Look for our article, ‘How To Have A Smooth Tolerance Break.’

How Weed it Taking Physical Fitness to Another Level

Life really is all about perspective. A lot of you stoners out there might look at all of those people hitting the gym regularly, jogging by your window at the same time everyday and participating in these crazy competitions you see on tv, as uptight prudes. But, that is not necessarily true. Some of them love weed as much as you do. Take me as an example, I love weed but I also love working out! I even won the 2012 Fitness Universe Championship! It was awesome and you all know that I love weed too. Whether you are a yogi, lift weights, jog or do some version of crossfit, find out how people are using cannabis to enhance their workouts and take it to the next level. Read our article, ‘Marijuana & Fitness: What You Should Know.’

Learning About the Marijuana Legalization Movement

Many of you may already know about the marijuana legalization movement, but some of you may still be doing your weed thing the old fashioned way. It’s worth knowing about legal weed though. Like, did you know that nine states plus Washington D.C. have legalized marijuana for anyone 21 or older? There are 30 states that have a medical marijuana program and some of them are pretty relaxed and you might even qualify as a patient. All of the states that have legalized weed on some level are a little different though. FInd out what is going on with the marijuana legalization movement with our article, ‘The Myths & Truths About Marijuana Legalization’ at

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