Synthetic Marijuana endangers more lives

First off, this synthetic marijuana stuff is really dangerous. There were reports last year and earlier this year that a number of people in the Midwest were bleeding from their eyes and being rushed to the hospital after consuming synthetic marijuana like K2. The most recent news reported that 71 people overdosed on this synthetic crap just this past Wednesday in the Connecticut town of New Haven. While nobody has been reported to have died, officials did report that victims were vomiting, hallucinating, had shallow breathing and many had fallen entirely unconscious. Synthetic marijuana is not illegal and can be purchased in many convenience stores around the county.

Rate of Veteran suicides on the Rise and Weed for Warriors amplifies its message

Moving to some national news. The Department of Veteran Affairs released a report recently that shows that the rate of our military veterans committing suicide is on the rise. The report suggests that veterans are twice as likely to take their own lives than civilians. Military veterans, both men and women, come home with severe injuries that can leave them in chronic pain and suffering mentally. Even those that do not suffer a physical injury can still struggle reacclimatizing to life here at home and struggle with PTSD. Many become addicted to opioid-based drugs which compounds the problem even further. Cannabis advocates around the country have argued that cannabis can and does help veterans with chronic pain, PTSD and to simply get comfortable here at home again.

Trump’s Tariffs on China are Likely to Increase the Costs of Cannabis Vape Pens

So the trend towards the use of vape pens is still on the rise here in the U.S. People love its convenience and how inconspicuous it is, but prices might be going up on the vaping community soon. Trump’s 25% tariff on Chinese exports to the U.S. could cause a 15% increase in prices throughout the country on the batteries, cartridges and recharging chords. It may force dispensaries to start looking elsewhere for vaping suppliers. The new tariff is set to start next week and will impact states with medical marijuana laws that prohibit the smoking of marijuana like Florida, the most.

Florida Judge Decides Yet Another Aspect of Florida Medical Marijuana is Unconstitutional

Speaking of Florida, another judge has decided that yet another aspect of Florida’s medical marijuana laws are unconstitutional. Judge Charles Dobson has ruled that the cap on the amount of dispensaries, or medical marijuana treatment centers as they call them in Florida, does not abide by the amendment voters approved by 71% in 2016. He also ruled that forcing these treatment centers to be vertically integrated, which means that they grow, harvest and dispense their own cannabis, was never intended by the verbiage of the law. If his ruling stands it could mean that many more business could be licensed to participate in Florida’s medical marijuana program increasing the supply of medical cannabis to patients and the amount of medical marijuana stores that patients could walk into. It would also increase the amount of competition for medical cannabis possibly making the medicine more affordable in the future.

Ontario’s New Government Delays the Sale of Adult-Use Cannabis until April

We have kept our followers updated on the status of adult-use marijuana up in Canada ever since Justin Trudeau took office as Prime Minister. A little over a month ago Canada’s Senate passed the Cannabis Act making Canada the first G7 country to fully legalize marijuana and it is expected that the commercial sale of marijuana will start on October 17th. You may remember Rob Ford, the former mayor of Toronto that was caught smoking crack on camera, well it is his brother, Doug Ford, that is the new premier of Ontario. Hopefully he can keep crack out of his decision making for the people of Ontario.

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