Needless to say, if Christine Sclafani is visiting Spain she is going to go find the weed. While touring the country of Spain, she stopped in Segovia to let her viewers know what she had discovered about Spain’s cannabis laws and how to get some marijuana if you are visiting. As it turns out, you can legally grow and consume cannabis on private property in Spain. Tourists though would be better off with connections to some of the residents of this beautiful and historic country. Just listen to Christine, she’ll explain.

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What’s up everyone, I’m Christine Scalafani with The National Marijuana News.

I am reporting to you live from the beautiful Segovia, Spain. Look at this. I am on a European vacation and I’m heading back into Madrid shortly but I wanted to check in and give you the dish on some cannabis culture here in Spain. A thing that I notice back in Madrid where I’m staying is that everyone smoke cigarettes and they do it everywhere. I have not seen any dispensaries or medicinal clinics or any advertisements for THC or CBD. Which made me a little curious to do some research on this city and their legalities when it comes to cannabis.

So, is cannabis legal here in Spain? Well, the answer is yes and no. The truth is that the legal situation of cannabis in Spain is a little more complicated than in other countries. But, I can tell you that it is legal to cultivate or smoke cannabis for your own personal use as long as you consume the drug in the privacy of your own home, or else on other private properties.

It’s also legal to buy and sell paraphernalia such as seeds and other hemp products. However, if you are growing cannabis on private property it cannot be in public view. I found this article in Marijuana Games by Russ Hudson, who mentions a couple of ways on how to get wee here. First, is the good old fashion black market way which I don’t recommend doing if you’re not from here and don’t speak the language like myself. It’s actually not difficult to find marijuana the old fashioned way here but you could find yourself in some sketchy situations with some shady characters. Remember, you’re in another country, so be safe and not sorry.

Another way of obtaining and consuming cannabis here in Spain is by joining a cannabis club. There is about 700 of these clubs throughout Spain, but there were 2 particular reasons why I didn’t join that were required. One of which is that you have to be sponsored by an existing member, and the other is you have to provide a residential Spain address. Which, both do me no good because I don’t know any locals here and I’m staying in a hotel. Now, the membership’s run for 1 year and they run between 30 and 60 euros.

I also would like to mention that there is no medical marijuana system here in Spain. So, no doctor in Spain can recommend or prescribe cannabis and there is no structure to fill a prescription even if they could. So, the moral of the story is; I am just going to have to wait to get home to enjoy my plethora of THC and CBD back in the States.

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