The Weed Trivia Game Congressional Democrats Recently Played

So rumor has it that at a recent democratic retreat, politicians tried to bond through a marijuana trivia game. They were asked if they knew the 2 varieties of marijuana strains and if the knew what a gravity bong is. It’s a heck of a way to bond except they all could have just gotten high together instead.

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Hey everyone, it’s the one and only Christine Sclafani, your marijuana culture correspondent for The National Marijuana News.

So, I heard this story that at a recent Congressional democratic retreat, they bonded with marijuana trivia. I know that marijuana reform is primarily a democrat issue, though there are plenty of republicans supporting the legalization of cannabis too. However, hearing that they played weed trivia is pretty awesome.

Supposedly, Reps Katie Hill, Ruben Gallego and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez were the finalists. They were asked what the two variants of marijuana strains were, indica and sativa.

They were also asked about a gravity bomb apparently. A gravity bomb? Do you mean a gravity bong! Holy moly!

You know if they really want to bond during a retreat, there is a secret all marijuana lover knows. Try smoking it together! A nice smoke session is very bonding experience. Our politicians could certainly use some of that anyways!

Stay lifted everyone!

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