Hey there everyone, Christine Sclafani here with you again to discuss the culture side of marijuana for the week. Let’s get started with some news for you super busy people out there hustling for your money.

How Cannabis Enthusiasts Can Stay Productive

The days of pot just being for stoners on the couch are over. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with chilling on the couch with a joint, but the marijuana legalization movement has brought in people in all stages of life with all sorts of personalities. Professionals are one of the growing groups of consumers and staying productive is of the utmost importance. Check out our guide on staying productive while also taying a lover of all things cannabis on TNMNews.com. Learn about microdosing, strain selections and all sorts of tips to make sure you stay productive while medicated.


The History of Beer and Weed and Why They Ended Up On Such Different Paths

Many marijuana lovers are also big fans of craft beers and there may be a reason for that. Hops are a distant cousin of cannabis, but maybe even more importantly are their shared histories. Both alcohol and marijuana became illegal on the federal level around the same time, but people’s enthusiasm and demand for alcohol led to a violent and crime filled end to alcohol prohibition through the 1920’s up until 1933, while the prohibition on marijuana continued. Check out our article, Weed And Alcohol In The U.S., to find out more about the diverged history of both plants.


Meeting Richard Belzer at the CWCB Expo in New York

All of you Law And Order fans might remember Richard Belzer’s over decade long run playing the part of John Munch, a tough cop on the streets of New York City. Our own Richard Lowe met with the retired actor at the CWCB Expo in New York to discuss his cannabis advocacy. He is a self-proclaimed child of the sixties and has always been an advocate for marijuana. He is a large supporter of the medicinal benefits of cannabis and wants to see an end to the social injustice associated with cannabis prohibition. However, the interview is full of humor, as of course Mr. Belzer is a comedian first. Check out our interview with Richard Belzer and his little dog Houdini.


Our Favorite Stoner Movies from the 90’s

The ‘90’s were a fun time for a lot of us and also produced some ot the most loved stoner movies ever. We were introduced to the comedy of Chris Tucker and found out that Ice Cube can also act in the 1995 stoner flick, Friday. The Wayans brothers made their mark with the 1996 slapstick film, Don’t Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood. And, there is no stoner movie quite like the 1993 flick, Dazed And Confused, where many of us were first introduced to Matthew McConaughey, Ben Affleck and Milla Jovovich. You can find out more about some of our favorite weed flicks at TNMNews.com.


Find Out More About How Cannabis Can Help You Sleep at Night

Insomnia affects nearly 60 million Americans and traditional sleep aids have some major drawbacks like addiction. For many people cannabis has become their natural alternative to drugs like ambien. But, not all cannabis strains are good for sleeping. Most sativas can absolutely wire you for a time and are more for inspiration than sleeping. Check out our guide on some of the best indica strains for a good night sleep and some sativas. A nice dosi-dos with an audiobook can knock you out quickly.


Well that’s the marijuana news for the week. Again, this is Christine Sclafani bringing you your weekly dose of cannabis culture. Until next week everyone, stay lifted.

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