Some Canadian Colleges may Allow Marijuana Consumption

First up, for all of you Canadians out there, there is some real change in the winds up north. The sale of recreational marijuana starts on October 17th! Can you imagine what Halloween will be like up in Canada this year? But, for all you starting your fall semester in college, perhaps higher education has a whole new meaning. Officials at universities around Canada were forced to rethink their marijuana policies over the summer now that Canada has legalized adult-use marijuana. I keep thinking about Donald Sutherland’s character in the movie Animal House and how much I would have loved to have an after class session like that! I wonder all of the time if I have one tiny little universe in my fingernail! (Examine your fingernail closely) In all seriousness, some campuses in Canada have already agreed to allow marijuana edibles, while others are prohibiting marijuana of any sort on campus. You will have to checkout your school’s policies on your own. Supposedly the schools in Alberta, British Columbia and Nova Scotia are the most open minded about marijuana. But, remember! Stay focused! Get good grades! Be good! That’s right, stick with sativas!

Marijuana Smoking Sessions Party Fouls

Okay, up next TNMNews shared some tips this week on how to avoid smoke session party fouls. So, you are out hanging with some of you friends and run into that ever friendly circle of people passing the blunt and want to join in. You get some sideways looks, maybe a couple of half grins, but for the most part they are welcoming. But, newcomers are under intense evaluation. Are you cool? Well are you? How do you know? What should you do? I’ll tell you what to do, read our article, “Things To Avoid During A Weed Session” on It will explain the signs that you may be bogarting the joint, or getting a little long winded in your story. You got to know the etiquette of social smoking. Even if it’s your pot, you don’t want to make these mistakes either or that pretty girl on the other end of the circle may never want to swap spit with you ever again. And that would be a shame, wouldn’t it?

Learn how to make Your Own Marijuana Pills

So edibles are growing in popularity for all of us marijuana enthusiasts. They can pack a nice punch and they are discreet. A lot of us think it is healthier than using our lungs as a vehicle for delivering our high as well. What about these weed pills we keep seeing though? They are also discreet and can pack a nice little punch too. If you are trying to save some money at the dispensary then making your own edibles at home is good way to maintain your budget. You can also make weed pills at home too. We have provided an entire explanation on how to do it on Of course we have! Read, “Make Your Own Weed Pills At Home” and learn how you can make a whole bunch of these little gems right in the comfort of your own home. We are just full of wonderful ideas!

Strains of Marijuana that Can Help Your Tummy

I don’t know about you but sometimes my tummy aches. There are people all over the country that struggle with IBS and for most of our lives it was just something that we have had to tolerate and that is just too bad. Why is it too bad? Well because one of the greatest methods of relaxing stomach issues has been growing right under our noses. You may not have guessed, this may come as a major surprise, but wait for it, wait for it, that’s right I’m talking about weed! No way! We have listed some of the best strains of marijuana for calming the stomach. Strains like Girl Scout Cookies and Thor’s Hammer are great for telling our tummies to just chill. You can read more about them in our article, “5 Strains That Can Help Your Digestive System” on

More cannabis cocktail recipes

And finally, I can’t do these segments without talking about some sort of weed infused concoction. Today, it’s about happy hour cocktails. We have recipes with weed whiskey and marijuana infused martinis in our article “Weed Recipes: Cannabis Happy Hour.” Hey why not, take a shot of some weed whiskey, get a buzz and then let the high settle in and then when you wake up tomorrow you still feel like a million bucks! Talk about efficiency!