Throwing a Party? Check out these Strains of Marijuana

So first, a lot of you collegiates may be gearing back-up for your fall semester and may be thinking about having some friends come by for a late summer farewell party before you start hitting the books again. Well maybe not books, but certainly your cell phones, tablets, laptops and pc’s. Take a look at our article, “The 10 Best Weed Strains For Partying” on

How to Make Your Weed Budget Last

While marijuana may grow like a weed, you might feel like it must be terribly rare when looking at what it does to your bank account. Like everything else, you have to budget for your weed indulgences too. In our article, “Stretching Your Weed Budget” we discuss different ways that you can stretch out your stash too. Everyone knows about cornering a bowl, right?

Weed and Blood Mary’s, A Match Made in Heaven

For any of you alcohol drinkers out there, you probably enjoy a Bloody Mary at least once in a while. There are so many different ways to make Bloody Marys it’s ridiculous, but have you ever heard of a Bloody Mary-Jane before? Our article, “Weed Recipes: Bloody Mary-Janes” explains the 2 week process of making these incredible concoctions. You see, Vodka is the perfect sprit to make cannabis tinctures with.

How Cannabis Can Make Your Stomach Feel Better

So, you probably have heard or know for yourself that cannabis can calm your stomach. It can be very calming for women during their time of month, or if you have eaten too much or are just not feeling that well, one of marijuana’s most well known traits is its ability to calm the digestive system. Hell, patients going through chemotherapy even use it to calm their stomachs and trigger their appetites. But also, conditions like Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis are qualifying conditions for medical marijuana cards in many states. Read more about how cannabis can help calm your stomach in our article, “Treating Digestive Issues With Cannabis.”

Have You Ever Had a Weed Hangover?

And finally, have you ever had a weed hangover before? Marijuana is not something that dehydrates you like the sugars often found in alcohol do, leaving you feeling like you have been walking the dessert for the last few days when you wake up. But people have reported feeling a little slower in the morning and may beven a little nauseous. Marijuana is famous for not having many side effects, but all the same, anything you consume too much of can have some adverse effects. Especially with edibles, remember they can take a while to kick-in, so if you are impatiently eating more and more thinking that it’s just not working, you are bound to overdo it when those cannabinoids finally do take effect.

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