The Giant Bong in Vegas

First up, I talked about this earlier this summer. The Cannabition museum opened its doors in Las Vegas, it is the the largest museum ever dedicated to weed but it was missing its biggest addition, Bongzilla! Last time when I reported on it, the giant 20 foot tall bong was still under construction and had not yet arrived at the museum, but it’s there now. Jason Harris, the creator of the bong, thought the Cannabition museum in Vegas would be the perfect spot for it since Vegas does everything big and has become a haven for marijuana enthusiasts around the world.

The Best Ways To Store Your Stash

Speaking of marijuana enthusiasts, we have a few articles for you fellow medical marijuana patients and plain old stoners out there. We have some real pearls for you that might preserve your stash and cash flow. First, there is nothing more disappointing than finding your weed all dried out and crumbly. You want that sticky-icky all the time, am I right? Well to ensure that your weed stays perfect, it all has to do with how you store it. As an example, those little plastic baggies we are so used to keeping our weed in, are an awful idea. They create static electricity which dries out marijuana fast. The very best containers are glass and ceramic, but not clear ones. What about concentrates like wax and shatter? It’s best to handle them with gloves or you will end up losing little bits of it overtime that will add up to a lot. With edibles, you should store them like you would any other normal food product and pay attention to expiration dates. To find out more great tips on how to store your weed, read “The Best Ways To Store Your Stash” at

What You Should Know About Weed & Anxiety

Okay, next story. I am always hearing about how marijuana can help people with anxiety, but it is kind of confusing. I have had friends become downright paranoid after they smoked a little chiba. Many anxiety disorders often have to do with social interactions and a lot of my friends really are not interested in going out in public while high either. So, what’s the deal, how does weed help people with anxiety? Check out our story, “What You Should Know About Weed & Anxiety” to discover the secrets of weed and anxiety.

A Guide For Helping Cannabis Newbies

You can also find a guide on titled, “A Guide For Helping Cannabis Newbies.”
So, if you are one of those good weed samaritans, you know the ones that want to always offer the helping hand to those virgins of ganja, you should check out this article. When guiding a newbie through their first smoke session there is a lot to consider. How tall are they, how much do they weigh, are they a boy or a girl? Once you have done a thorough evaluation it’s about introducing them to the right strain of marijuana. Do they want to have their mind blown by a strong sativa, or does it seem like what they would really like is to chill out on the couch for a while? Make sure you manage their expectations by preparing them for having bloodshot eyes and that they may get lost in thought for prolonged periods of time. Should you immediately introduce them to dabbing, or would an edible be more suitable? Perhaps just the old fashioned packed bowl would be right. If you want to be a marijuana handler, read our article for best practices.

Weed Recipes: Sous Vide Cannabutter

And finally, we recently discovered this new french way of making cannabutter. I love french food and the idea of putting a little francais into weed sounds delightful. It is called Soo-Vee-Day and Julia Childs would have melted over it. So you can buy this machine that precisely controls the temperature of water. Set it at something like 180 degrees, you put your cannabutter concoction in a jar or plastic pouch and let cook for like 8 hours or more. What you have in the end is a perfect version of cannabutter without creating the intense smell so often associated with making weed butter. It is efficient and easy, you just need the equipment! Read our article, “Weed Recipes: Sous Vide Cannabutter” on

Well that is it for this week everyone. I can’t wait to deliver the cannabis culture news to you again next week. Until then follow me on the gram @Xtine.tnmnews and all of our social media accounts @NationalMJMews. Have a great weekend everyone!

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