In my short time on this Earth, marijuana edibles have always had a certain mystique about them. I can recall certain times where cooking up a batch of “special” brownies was an occasion where folks from very different backgrounds and social levels could come together for a good amount of giggling, “deep” conversations, and passing out on our friends’ couches.

Unfortunately, back in the days before the internet and widely available recipes, we would be wasting what was perfectly good weed with an inefficient cooking process! Often overcooking the brownies to the point that the THC was gone was a regular occurrence. Chances were the end result wouldn’t taste good and you were lucky if you actually got high at all and didn’t end up picking chucks of dried cannabis out of your teeth!

edibles, TNMNews, cannabis news, marijuana legalization, marijuana cookiesNowadays, it seems like taking edibles can be a bit passe if you are sticking to brownies and gummies. Currently you can choose from various types of chocolates, gummies, and other candies as well as tinctures that can be added to pretty much any meal. Not surprisingly, the largest demographic for modern pot smokers between the age of 20 and 40 see taking edibles as being more family friendly in terms of smell, maintenance and general convenience.

The folks over at the Specialty Food Association have actually announced this year that marijuana edibles have surprisingly made their Top 10 for the most trendy foods of 2018! Many meals can be made based on cannabis that can be both vegetarian and vegan, it’s not surprising that marijuana can be used as an additional ingredient in many dishes. Joining the likes of Filipino food, plant based meat substitutes, and so called “goth” cuisine (which is really just coloring regular foods with activated charcoal)!

Even with legalization spreading across many states around the country, it is still very surprising to see that marijuana edibles were even considered for the list given that they are still very much illegal in most places. However, their addition goes to further illustrate just how mainstream marijuana use is quickly becoming here in the United States. Needless to say that this is a highly encouraging development for cannabis advocates and enthusiasts everywhere.

cooking with cannabis, marijuana legalization, marijuana news, ediblesCannabis edibles have a secured future in the world of cannabis as they allow more potential enthusiasts to enjoy their greenery without having to smoke it. It is becoming commonplace for households to make their own cannabis oil or butter to cook with their normal food preparations. There are many ways for people to prepare oils or bases to cooking. I like to prepare food with olive oil for both taste and health reasons rather than butter. Although, making cannabis oil can be a very smelly process and takes a long time. It is very easy to burn the cannabis, but kept over very low heat and allowing it to cook for hours will create a very green and tasty oil. You have to be careful labeling and storing oils though so nobody ends up using it without know what exactly they are cooking with.

Do you have any favorite edibles or recipes you would like to share?