With Spring finally upon us and Summer coming up sooner than you’d think, festival season is right around the corner. Check out this list of essential cannabis product picks for you to enjoy during this year’s festival season. These items are tailor made for concerts and festivals, so if you love live music shows and marijuana, some of these will probably make your shopping list sooner or later. Whether you’re planning on partaking in the anarchy and seemingly general lawlessness that is Burning Man, enjoying the old school and more mainstream feel of Lollapalooza, or hanging out with the hip and trendy crowds at Coachella, marijuana enthusiasts are always looking for discretion, convenience, ease of use, and portability when it comes to being able to enjoy their weed while listening to their favorite artists. From disposable CBD pens to help bring you down to reality, creatively discreet carrying cases and bags, to expertly designed and fashionable pieces, the entrepreneurs of the cannabis world will have you covered this season.

No matter your taste in music or which festivals you plan on attending, be sure to follow the link below for more products that cannabis enthusiasts will find handy at any music show and please make sure that you enjoy responsibly!

Select CBD Revive Pen
Use for Grimy Hippie Drug Fests
(See: Rainbow Gathering, Burning Man, Lucidity)

Top Cannabis Product Picks For Festival Season

Revolving more around drugs and community than music or entertainment, these real-deal hippie gatherings have the potential to send one to the dark side of the moon if you’re not careful. While Burning Man has evolved from weirdos lighting up an effigy in the middle of the desert to an experimental art gathering favorited by the richest people in the world, care should be taken in that its massive, lawless, and chock full of research chemicals like 2CB and less-than-common hallucinogens like DMT. The Rainbow Gathering, on the other hand, is just sketchy as fuck. Meeting every July in secret forest locations around the world since 1972, the loose, traveling community of outcasts (train hoppers to bikers to Dead Heads to punks) continues to be plagued by murders, overdoses, and violence, representing a morbid facet of the hippie lifestyle that’s often overlooked.

If you think you’re brave (and experienced) enough to attend a drug fest whose roster may or may not include a forest full of murderers or desert full of tech bros — we’re honestly not sure which sounds worse — make sure to go armed with a Select CBD Revive Pen. Combining the medical benefits of CBD with an invigorating grapefruit extract, the pen will help you regain energy, clarity, and a connection with the real world in the event you take too much of something. THC can jumpstart hallucinations or intensify another drug’s effects, but CBD has a soft, grounding effect — one that’s particularly helpful for coming off psychedelics no matter where you are.

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