There is a lot of speculation as to whether cannabis legalization would increase the amount of marijuana consumers, and it still remains to be seen if that will turn out to be true. However, some interesting statistics are coming out of the tech company Eaze from California marijuana consumers.

Orders for marijuana and other cannabis related products have been increasing rapidly out of California, according to a report generated from Eaze. Whether this is an actual example of an increased amount of overall cannabis use in California or it demonstrates traditionally illegal marijuana consumers finally becoming comfortable enough with the legal cannabis market in California to order legal marijuana instead, will have to continue to be researched.

Cannabis technology company Eaze has released its 2017 State of Cannabis report, which found a 19 percent annual increase among California Baby Boomers ordering cannabis products, and in 2017 customers placed an order with the company every 10 seconds – a 200 percent increase over 2016 figures.

The analytics also purport that consumers are increasingly using cannabis to stop using sleeping pills, tobacco, and anxiety medications; 95 percent of respondents who used sleeping pills indicated that using cannabis has helped reduce their pill consumption, with 45 percent saying they stopped using their sleeping pills entirely. Of the 38 percent of Eaze customers who used tobacco, 73 percent indicated cannabis has helped them reduce their tobacco consumption and 13 percent said they were able to replace tobacco entirely with cannabis. And of the 48 percent who use or have used anxiety medication, 95 percent said cannabis has helped them reduce their reliance on those meds, with 40 percent saying they replaced their medication entirely with cannabis.

This is certainly a good sign that the public is embracing the legal cannabis market instead of purchasing black market marijuana which is certainly one of the hopes of the legalization movement. Do you think that enough people will be buying legal cannabis to eventually root out the illegal market?

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