WLKY reports:

There’s a push for marijuana as a treatment for post traumatic stress disorder.

Military veterans gathered in Frankfort Thursday afternoon seeking support from state lawmakers.

They returned from Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan with deep depression, fear and flashbacks.

They said they are often unable to hold down a job.

Treatment means counseling and anti-depressants like Prozac. It’s unclear just how many veterans have yet to be diagnosed.

A team from the Robley Rex VA Medical Center in Louisville explained PTSD to state lawmakers and the drugs prescribed.

“The two that specifically apply are the brand names of Paxil and Zoloft,” said psychiatrist Dr. Nichole Luddington.

Vietnam veteran Danny Belcher contends what’s prescribed turns vets into addicts.

“Some veterans are taking 20-30 pills a day. How can the body survive that when there is something out of the ground that doesn’t lead to harder drugs,” said Belcher.

But when asked directly about marijuana and PTSD, psychiatrist Dr. Mary Sweeney said there’s nothing to show cannabis works.

“The research just isn’t there. It doesn’t mean it doesn’t do it, there just isn’t any evidence right now,” said Sweeney.

The Veterans of Foreign Wars is expected to take up a resolution on marijuana treatment for PTSD at its annual convention later this month in St. Louis.

Such a resolution has already been approved by the Kentucky VFW.

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