Dabbing, the process in which THC extract is super heated and inhaled, is one of the most efficient and quickest methods to achieve a very potent high. With only a little bit of cannabis extract one can reach levels of being high that are not normally possible through more conventional methods like smoking flower or taking marijuana infused edibles.

Unfortunately the dabbing process does have a few drawbacks to it, most notably the preparation involved as well as the amount of equipment needed. Since it’s not exactly inexpensive and significantly more complicated than just rolling a joint or using a standard bowl or bong, check out this handy guide for everything you need to get started in the highly interesting world of dabbing marijuana.

1. Dab rig and nail

What You Need For Perfect DabsOf course, the number one essential tool for dabbing is a dab rig. Dab rigs come in an array of sizes and styles and are up for grabs at a variety of costs. But for those new to the art of consuming highly potent extracts, it’s always best to start off small. Not just with the size of your dab, but also the rig you use to consume it.


Something else you’ll need along with your dab rig is a nail, which is where your concentrates will be placed and burned. Most dab rigs already come with one in the package. But even if they don’t, virtually all types of nails can be bought at an affordable price.

Have you ever considered giving dabbing a try or using these high THC concentrates like shatter? From the type of rig you should get to the best torches for the job, be sure to follow the link below for more tips on how you too can start dabbing like a pro in no time!

Dabbing 101: Everything You Need For Perfect Dabs