Woodstock 50th Anniversary Canceled

The 50th Anniversary Woodstock festival planned for later this year has been canceled. Unfortunately they had to cancel it but it’s not surprising because of the lack of success of the last few Woodstocks. Listen to Christine Sclafani discuss what was great about the festivals and why as a business model it is so challenging.

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It’s a shame they have not been able to get another Woodstock going since 1999. This is Christine Sclafani for TNMNews and I don’t know what is more symbolic of marijuana than the Woodstock festival. Unfortunately, the 50th Anniversary Woodstock festival planned for later this year has been canceled. After the Fyre Festival debacle a couple of years ago, I think promoters are pretty gun shy about setting up these elaborate festivals.

The Woodstock that happened in 1999 was an absolute debacle too. The attendees had a good time, but it was a financial and legal disaster. The staff just walked out on the first day and they couldn’t get in to clean up the portable bathrooms. People were walking around naked with giant buds tucked behind their ears and set up stands to sell magic mushrooms. By day three there was no place to go to the bathroom, and attendees were thirsty and hungry. When The Red Hot Chilli Peppers went on stage, it’s amazing the bands kept on playing without staff or security for 3 days, and decided to cover Light My Fire by the Doors, that’s when everyone started setting the fires that burnt the whole festival down.

Ultimately, the promoters for the 50th Anniversary of Woodstock had to concede that they could not provide the structure they needed to have a successful festival. Hey maybe they will have their act together for the 75th anniversary. In the end, it may be that the original 1969 festival will never be topped as the greatest musical festival of all time.

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Woodstock 50th Anniversary Canceled By Christine Sclafani TNMNews.com | Cannabis Culture

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