Innovation is the life blood of any burgeoning industry and the marijuana markets are most definitely no exception. With many different ways to consume cannabis like edibles, dabbing, and vaporizing, it comes as no surprise that creative and enterprising individuals are coming up with new ways for enthusiasts to enjoy their marijuana and even facilitating growing their own! Naturally, when marijuana meets technology we expect to see many more different types of innovations and gadgets in the coming years as cannabis becomes more mainstream while simultaneously moving away from the unfair and misinformed stigma that is often associated with its use.

I personally find it quite ironic that all of this creativity and hard work is being done by people who would normally have been considered shiftless slackers and stoners only a few short years ago. Just goes to show how misguided and sad a perception we collectively have towards cannabis enthusiasts. We come from all different walks of life, levels of education, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation and we all have at least one thing in common: we believe that access to marijuana is a boon to humankind! We are also cautiously optimistic that this may start serving as a wake up call to potential investors looking for fresh waters in a virtually untapped and underfunded market.

If you have the means, considering some of the rather high costs, be sure to follow the link below for information on some additional products that are sure to end up on most marijuana aficionados’ wish lists in the near future!

The Puffco Peak

When High Tech Meets Marijuana!

The Puffco Peak is easily one of the most exciting innovations to hit the cannabis industry in recent years. Unveiled during CES 2018, the Peak very well may be the world’s first smart bong.

The Peak is a battery-operated desktop concentrate vape that harnesses the cooling power of liquid in order to chill the warm vapors for an ideal toke. “Dabbing,” or vaping concentrated cannabis, has become increasingly popular since legalization, but dab rigs are dangerous, expensive, bulky, and intimidating. The Puffco Peak may still be a bit pricey, but it’s convenient, easy to use, and — added bonus — looks like a bong from the future.

Dubbed the “first-ever smart rig for concentrate consumers,” the Peak can heat up in just 20 seconds and operates wirelessly, so no more switching seats during handoffs. With four pre-programmed heat settings and a “boost mode,” the Peak allows the user to control how warm they want the vape to get, which will ultimately determine how big your hit will be (and how high you will get). This control is incredibly important, since concentrates can be pretty intense. But while the user has a few options, there aren’t so many it’s overwhelming.

When High Tech Meets Marijuana!

One of the more impressive features on the Peak is the Intelligent Temperature Calibration, which will make handoffs between friends during a smoking session utterly seamless. According to Puffco, the feature “allows the device to maintain a consistent experience when sharing with friends. If the device was just used, it pivots its heat setting to account for the change in temperature, and delivers an adjusted heat cycle for the next person, guaranteeing quality flavor and vapor each time.”

Magical Butter MB2E

When High Tech Meets Marijuana!

In some areas, growing your own cannabis is legal, but purchasing pot products is not. So if you’re in the mood for some marijuana edibles, you may be left to your own devices. One device that will definitely help with that process is the Magical Butter.

Getting your plant inside your food can be a lengthy and annoying process. In order to feel the effects of edible THC, cannabis must be combined with a fatty substance, like butter. But infusing THC into butter takes time, and the results must not get too hot, or the butter will burn and the THC percentage will suffer.

When High Tech Meets Marijuana!

The old fashioned way of making magical butter was to stand over the stove for an hour, gently stirring and hoping you did everything correctly. But the Magical Butter takes the pain out of that process. It’s essentially a set it and forget it product. Simply measure out your ingredients, set the temperature, time, and let the infusion begin.

While the Magical Butter excels at infusing marijuana into butter for edibles, it can also infuse cannabis and other herbs into tinctures or topicals. The product also comes with a handy cookbook for all your cannabis needs.

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