Looking to spice things up in the bedroom a little? Check out the below for a few new weed-related products to enhance your sex life. Have you ever used any of these before? Let us know about it in the comments!

The horizon of pointedly intimate canna-products has never been brighter. From cannabis lubes to smokeable dildos, there are countless ways to enhance romance with weed.

Sex and weed have always belonged together. Both are natural centers of euphoria, and both help to forge a deeper connection with the people we love. Until recently, the two could only be experienced together by smoking before sex, or eating an edible 30 minutes prior, but who has that kind of foresight? While these methods work fine I guess, the horizon of pointedly intimate canna-products like lubes, tinctures, and strains aimed at enhancing intimacy has never been brighter.

If you’ve ever wondered why sex is special when you’re stoned, it’s because the cannabinoid THC actually dilates capillaries, increasing blood flow and heightening sensitivity, while CBD relaxes the muscles, easing anxiety. Legality is breaking open the exploration of cannabinoid combinations and ratios to tailor products for specific needs. The potential for cannabis to help couples manage intimacy issues is huge, as is the recreational side catered to the simple enjoyment of this perfect union.

In honor of #MerryJaneSexWeek, here is an array of products to suit any type of partner, from the reserved to the freaky-deaky.

Weed Products For Every Type of Lover
Reserved: Velvet Swing Lubricant

Products that balance THC with CBD are perfect sexual aids for the reserved and shy. Many of whom fall into this category often struggle with an inability to really let go and lose themselves in a sexual experience. For people who may experience feelings of anxiety, have trouble reaching orgasm, or just need a little loosening up, Mistress Matisse has something for you.

Velvet Swing has created the first water-based weed lube by successfully emulsifying an oil-soluble product in water, a process that literally does the impossible by mixing two rival substances. Founded by the badass and empowering dominatrix @MistressMatisse, Velvet Swing is labeled “Vagina Friendly,” specifically formulated to be non-irritating, with a PH-level balanced for vaginal health. Combining 100 mg THC with 33 mg CBD, she’s created the perfect recipe to get your blood flowing while putting your mind (and body parts) at ease.

Visit Velvet Swing’s website for more on their sexy canna-products

Weed Products For Every Type of Lover
Witchy, Wizardly, or Generally Enchanted: Yummi Karma’s Love Potion #420

If your partner has an extensive knowledge of the medicinal uses of various herbs, owns more than three Aleister Crowley books, or seems unusually in touch with the supernatural current ever-flowing through nature, you might be dating a wizard, witch, or other breed of necromancer. If one thing is certain about this enticing and ethereal bunch, they appreciate a good potion.

Yummi Karma’s Love Potion #420 is a tincture that combines coconut oil, 150 mg THC and 60 mg CBD with guarana, ginseng, maca root, turmeric, and damiana leaf in a natural aphrodisiac that also relieves anxiety. Give to your lover as gift wrapped in a lock of your own hair, or add it to whatever may be currently brewing in their cauldron.

Visit Yummi Karma’s website for more on their hazy love potions

Weed Products For Every Type of Lover
Cerebral: Canndescent Connect 401

The cerebral partner is as concerned with achieving a mental connection during sex as they are with the physical one. This type of person probably likes to talk β€” a lot β€” before, after, and perhaps even during an intimate encounter.

Canndescent’s Connect 401 is an altogether stimulating variety ideal for those who get pleasure in verbalising their thoughts, creating meaningful connections through conversation, and are always looking to experience something deeper. Testing at 32.05% THC from SC Labs, and grown in Canndescent’s state of the art, multi-million dollar facility, this beautiful flower is perfect for an old school joint before or after sex. When you’re done getting your synapses stimulated in more ways than one, you can lay around with your brainy partner and look at the ceiling as you talk about that longform article in the New Yorker, or whatever.

Visit Canndescent’s website for more on their delightful flower

Weed Products For Every Type of Lover

Freaky: The Peter Piper Pecker Puffer Glass Pipe Dildo

In the wise words of Gucci Mane on the epic track “Freaky Gurl” β€” later remixed to add Lil Kim and Ludacris (squad goals) β€” “She’s a very freaky girl, don’t bring her to momma, first you get her name, then you get her number, then you get some brain in the backseat of a Hummer.” If you’re thinking, that sounds like me, or consider yourself to be the type of person even Gucci Mane would call a freak, this is the glass dildo pipe for you.

The Peter Piper Pecker Puffer Glass Pipe Dildo combines sex and weed in the weirdest, most creative way: it’s both a sex toy and a pipe. At long last, one can smoke weed freely out of their partner’s orifice, a future we always dreamed of but never thought possible. Due to the wild nature of the product and potential trips to the burn unit, this one is for bona fide freaks only.

Visit Passion Shop’s website to order your very own glass pipe dildo

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