The so called “Weed Nuns” of California are famous (though some would argue, infamous) for their love of marijuana and packing heat along with their other habits. Struggles with both local law enforcement and cartels have forced these nuns to take the protection of their lands and their crops very seriously.

Audiences will get the chance to have an in depth look at the private lives of these nuns through a new documentary film that will be premiering at Canne’s this week titled, Breaking Habits. You can check out the movie’s latest trailer below.

These Nuns Are The Real Deal

OK, so they’re not technically affiliated with a church, but this group of women has a unique religious calling: growing and selling premium marijuana. In their words, they’re a “new age sisterhood.” Appropriately, these nuns have dubbed themselves the Sisters of the Valley.

Their founder, Sister Kate, wasn’t always a ganja growing lady of faith. Earlier in life, Sister Kate went by Christine Meeusen and had a husband and a day job. After enduring abuse and unfaithfulness from her husband, Mrs. Meeusen decided she had had enough. She left with her three children and embarked on a new journey.

In the much-anticipated trailer, Sister Kate explains, “After all the men in my life betrayed me, beat me, left me penniless and homeless, my goal was to form a sisterhood of healers.” Her group grew quickly. As one smiling nun says, “We were brought together by the cannabis plant.”

Today, the Sisters of the Valley grow and sell medical marijuana on Etsy. They’re based out of Merced, California.

Cannabis has brought many people together, though the nuns are certainly a unique story. With marijuana legalization building, perhaps the nuns will not need to go to such extremes anymore. What are your thoughts about these cannabis growing, and often gun slinging women?

Weed-Growing, Gun-Toting Nuns Featured in New Documentary