Vaping vs Smoking a Bowl

With all the news about how popular vaping has become you have to wonder what is happening to smoking weed in the classic fashion. It used to be that if you wanted to smoke some weed you needed to roll a joint, pack a triple blown glass pipe or 5″ bong or get creative with an apple or a honey bear. Today though, joints come prerolled and with vape pens there is none of the breaking up weed or intense smells. Listen to Christine Sclafani ponder this new shift in weed consumption.

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Hey, it’s your main woman, Christine Sclafani for The National Marijuana News.

Okay, so I have been to the Big Industry show and I have been to Champs, but almost everyone I meet has got vape pens these days. I know there are a lot of vaporizer vendors at these shows, but it feels like glass bowls and bongs still dominate these sorts of conventions. Are people still smoking weed in the classic fashion?

I want you to let us know if you are still toking from a glass bowl or taking bong rips, and if so why smoke out of glass instead of jumping on this new vape pen trend. Is it that weed is more potent out of glass vs vaping? Are you traditionalists? Have you turned completely to dabbing?

If you smoke out of a bubbler, bong, bowl, one hitter, what’s your favorite?

Part of me worries that these traditional ways of smoking weed are going away, which I would hate to see. What’s the future of weed smoking? Will people go the easy vape battery route, where they don’t need to break up weed anymore or bother cleaning their glass pipe? Are you just going to pop edibles?

I just don’t know but I would love to hear from you. Let us know your favorite way to consume weed these days.

Stay lifted everyone!

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