Snoop Dogg, one of the most famous stoners in the U.S., if not the world, has taken a break from his usual schedule to star in a new Netflix series based around coaching a young men’s football team. The modern day marijuana renaissance man traded in his bong and blunts for a whistle and clip-board while acting as one of the coaches in this documentary series, which looks like it won’t disappoint when it comes to grid-iron drama.

Most people know Snoop Dogg as a rapper, a cannabis enthusiast, an entrepreneur and Martha Stewart’s BFF. But you might not know that he also coaches a youth football team. If you’ve ever wondered what ‘Friday Night Lights’ would be like with Snoop Dogg in it, wonder no more. Netflix has dropped a trailer for their new reality series ‘Coach Snoop’, and you can watch it below:

The prolific smoker goes as far as to stop using marijuana for the duration of the coaching season each year, which does make sense considering that he is working with young adults and needs to set an example, but is very surprising nonetheless. Who would have even thought that the same man that brought us Doggystyle, almost 25 years ago, would become a role model and coach for today’s youth?

“I stopped smoking from that day for 180 days straight. And it made me a better coach, a better person, and I stopped smoking when I was coaching football. So every year when I coach football around the kids, I don’t smoke, so that’s three months out of the year that I do that.”

If Snoop, football, and reality TV are up your alley, be sure to check out ‘Coach Snoop’ which premiers on Netflix tonight, February 2nd.

Snoop Dogg Hits The Gridiron In Netflix Series ‘Coach Snoop’