Marijuana and products that are derived from it have numerous medical applications, with more uses being discovered almost every day. One of the many conditions that it can potentially help treat is eczema. A term that covers a number of conditions resulting from dryness of the skin, common symptoms can include itchy red skin, flaking, and scaly rashes that flare up from time to time. Unfortunately, without any cure available via traditional medicine,  those affected have been seeking alternative methods to ease their symptoms and hopefully get rid of their eczema entirely. According to research by the National Eczema Association, marijuana based treatments for this all too common condition are particularly effective due to the number of cannabinoid receptors found in the skin. Once cannabis based treatments are applied to the affected areas, the phytocannabinoids begin communicating with the skin’s cannabinoid receptors to reduce eczema’s symptoms. Though not a total cure, some see marijuana as being even more effective than the usually prescribed medications.

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Eczema: A Brief Overview

Eczema is the overarching name for a variety of dry skin conditions. Namely, eczema includes redness, itchiness and dry patches. It’s often located on joints, hands and feet, but can occur anywhere including the face, scalp and eyelids. Eczema is common in both children and adults, who generally experience sporadic flare-ups.

There is no longterm cure for eczema. Typically, dermatologists recommend using sensitive skincare soaps and moisturizers. Many cases, however, require prescription ointments and creams that often contain steroids.

People develop eczema for a number of reasons, many of which are difficult to detect. Environmental factors, allergies and stress can cause outbreaks. For many with eczema, dry, cracked skin, itchiness and redness are a lifelong issue. Most eczema care is preventative with moisturizing and avoiding certain soaps and toxins.

How Cannabis Can Treat Eczema

Treating Eczema With CannabisAccording to the National Eczema Association, cannabis can be an effective treatment for eczema. Research demonstrates that cannabinoids have anti-itch, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties–all of which make it an effective tool for coping with eczema.


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