Psychoactive substance and art very often go hand in hand. No matter whether the artist is turning to the drug for inspiration and to enhance creativity or if drug use, fictional or otherwise, plays a part in the narrative, substances can have a significant role in the creative process. Check out this list of the most famous (or infamous) fictional drugs found in entertainment. While some like Brave New World’s Soma may not seem very appealing since they are used as a form of control over the populace, one can only imagine what people familiar with the Dune and Lord of The Rings universes would do to get their hands on the geriatric spice melange or some of the finest pipe weed from the Southfarthing!

Follow the link below for the full list of fictional drugs and remember, “the spice must flow!”

Star Trek- S1E6, “Mudd’s Women”: Venus Drug
The Top Sci-Fi And Fantasy Drugs
This tricky drug offers its user the power of illusory, temporary beauty. In the episode, drugged foreign women tempt the Federation starship USS Enterprise with their impossible attractiveness. Their captain drugs them with the Venus Drug in order to use them to negotiate a trade deal for his ship and some crystals.

Inevitably, the Venus Drug wears off, like beer goggles. Now instead of using the love potion of the drugs in science fiction and fantasy, the women need to find their inner beauty in order to attract the objects of their affection.

Dune by Frank Herbert: Spice
The Top Sci-Fi And Fantasy Drugs
Like the threatening spice (synthetic cannabis) making the news recently, Dune‘s spice of “melange” can induce visions, prophetic ones.

But unlike synthetic cannabis which can cause severe and sometimes fatal internal bleeding, it can bend spacetime to allow for interstellar travel. In the novel, spice is at the center of the universe, a true cash crop.



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