The Weedie

Listen to Christine Sclafani talk about a new smoothie called The Weedie. Smoothies are a great and healthy treat/snack and they also go great with weed. Give this smoothie a try and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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I’m back! Not that I really left, but all the same, I’m back! This is Christine Sclafani for The National marijauna news and it is time for another weed recipe.

Today we are going to talk about the Weedie, my clever name for a smoothie with weed in it! Maybe it’s not that clever but it is smooth. Okay, I think smoothies are a great and healthy treat/snack and they also go great with weed because of the yogurt and milk you add.

Cannabinoids like THC and CBD absorb really well into anything fatty which is why people are always making cannaoil or cannabutter. This particular smoothie might work better with about 3 tablespoons of cannabutter though.

So, in a blender just add in whatever fruit you like in your smoothies, you know something like a banana, 3 cups of strawberries or whatever. I love shredded coconut, so about 3 tablespoons of that too. Add in a half of a cup of yogurt and a quarter cup of milk. Toss in some ice cubes and blend away. In the end you will have your favorite smoothie, just one that will get you nice and toasted too!

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