There are, unfortunately, many different ways one can ruin a perfectly good smoke session. From a badly prepared blunt or joint, overly packed bowls, to downright poor manners, humans always have a knack for spoiling what should be a good thing. In order to help curb the ‘human factor’ during sessions, check out the below tips that will hopefully help some newbies out so they don’t end up exiled from the smoking circle after their first time!

Since some of us are naturally clumsy and a bit uncoordinated, spilled grinders (and ashtrays) are unfortunately a pretty common thing and can’t really be helped sometimes. However, there are steps you can take to prevent too much of a mess from occurring when they do happen. For example, placing a bit of newspaper or magazines on the floor around your smoking area does go a long way with regards to damage control, especially when carpeted flooring is concerned. Another common point of frustration among smokers is when a fellow toker is taking their time hitting a blunt, joint, etc. while everyone waits (i.e. politicking). Usually the culprit is so busy with ‘Story Time’ that they don’t realize everyone is staring at them anxiously, and sometimes angrily, waiting for their turn! This one really comes down to proper manners and being mindful of those around you, though the last part can be tricky when cannabis is involved.

Follow the link below for a few more helpful tips for maintaining proper marijuana etiquette among your fellow enthusiasts!

Knock Over Full Grinder
Surefire Ways To Kill Any Smoke Session!
A great way to kill a smoke sesh before it even starts is to knock over a grinder full of weed. Imagine everyone contributes money and weed to the sesh. The grinder is full and waiting to be emptied but someone knocks it over. As a result, everyone is forced to smoke dirty weed. Only if it was even dropped somewhere where it can be retrieved. Otherwise, nobody gets to smoke that weed and the sesh is dead.

Rolling A Bad Joint
Surefire Ways To Kill Any Smoke Session!
Another way to kill a smoke sesh before it even starts is by rolling a bad joint. If you’re not confident you know how to roll a joint that will smoke smooth, let everyone else know. There might be someone more prepared for the task in the group. There are several ways a bad joint can ruin a smoke sesh. It can canoe and burn unevenly. If there is a lack of airflow, you’ll watch it burn but barely get any smoke to yourself.

Story Time
Surefire Ways To Kill Any Smoke Session!
A common annoyance most people have experienced in a smoke session is story time. Sometimes after getting high, you get so wrapped up in the story you’re telling that you forget there is a lit blunt in your hands and several people waiting for it. If you’re going to tell a story make sure you prioritize the puff, puff and pass.

Puff, Puff, Puff, Puff & Passing
Surefire Ways To Kill Any Smoke Session!
For a long time “puff, puff and pass” has been a ritual in almost every smoke sesh. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, you are bound to ruin any sesh you take part in. Generally, you take two puffs and pass it to the next person unless something else was agreed upon. Taking more than your fair share of hits is one of the greedier ways to kill a smoke sesh.


6 Ways To Kill A Smoke Sesh · High Times