It appears that Super Bowl weekend may no longer be a cash-cow for alcohol and junk food retailers alone. Recent reports are showing that marijuana businesses are also seeing a large uptick in sales in days prior to the Super Bowl. This makes sense considering that most people tend to watch the game from the comfort and privacy of their own homes along with friends and family. Also, the fact that the game takes place on a Sunday night may have some turning to cannabis instead of beer to avoid the eventual Super Bowl Monday mega-hangover.

When the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots take the field to decide the NFL’s 52nd Super Bowl this weekend, tens of millions of Americans will be glued to the TV, watching Tom Brady, Nick Foles, and enough beer commercials to turn the strictest of teetotallers. But as the alcohol industry preps for one of its biggest days, football fans around the country are ditching brew for bud, turning the NFL’s season finale into one of the cannabis industry’s most successful sales weekends.

Also, given the almost non-stop snacking most of us tend to indulge in on that day, it would be a perfect time to partake in some edibles to go along with the usual munchies. Few things go better with football than some marijuana infused tailgate food!

According to a new report from USA Today and cannabis data analysts at California’s Green Bits, dispensaries across the legal landscape see huge sales increases over Super Bowl weekend, with last year’s stats showing a 40% jump in total sales on the Saturday before the big game.

No matter who you’re rooting for, please consume responsibly and have a safe and fun Super Bowl Sunday!!!

Super Bowl Sunday Is Becoming One of the Cannabis Industry’s Biggest Holidays – News | MERRY JANE