Rapper and modern day renaissance man when it comes to marijuana, Snoop Dogg recently complimented Canada’s ever growing weed industry. While speaking at the C2 technology conference in Montreal on Friday, Snoop spoke very highly about how progressive the country’s attitudes are when it comes to cannabis legalization, singing praises for Prime Minster Justin Trudeau and his significant work on the matter since taking office.

The outspoken cannabis advocate also talked about how despite successful legalization efforts in states like California and Colorado, marijuana is still very much illegal under federal law and that this unfortunately doesn’t appear to be changing any time soon. Snoop also found some time to talk a little about his past, with notable anecdotes involving deceased west coast rapper Tupac Shakur and TV personality Martha Stewart, with whom he’s partnered with on many occasions over the past few years in various different ventures.

MONTREAL — Canada is more advanced than the United States regarding its approach to cannabis, world-famous rapper and weed entrepreneur Snoop Dogg said Friday to a crowd of hundreds at Montreal’s C2 technology conference.

Snoop Dogg Commends Canada's Weed IndustryThe entertainer lamented that in the U.S., some states such as Colorado and California have legalized weed, while others continue to enforce a strict ban on the product. Cannabis also remains illegal under U.S. federal law.

“And in Canada, it’s like — let’s just make it happen!” Snoop said about Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s plan to reform the Criminal Code and legalize recreational pot for the whole country.

Snoop, known internationally for his insatiable affection for cannabis as much as his best-selling music, has a significant presence in Canada’s burgeoning marijuana industry.

Do you agree with Snoop’s view that the U.S. really needs to pick up the pace with regards to legalization efforts?

Snoop Dogg Really Loves Canada’s Approach To The Weed Industry