Kari Lake, a Phoenix, Arizona television anchor alleged via a tweet that the recent #RedForEd movement, where teachers in the state are participating in walk outs to protest for increased pay and better funding for their schools, is actually all just a ruse to push an agenda for the legalization of marijuana. Basing her accusation on a t-shirt with a #GREENforED slogan (which are being produced and sold independently of the teacher’s movement), her tweet received almost immediate backlash from the local community with fellow local anchor Ian Schwartz replying: “That’s it? lol One t-shirt to make that claim?”

Lake later rolled back her comments by stating “I made an incorrect conclusion in my tweet, and for that, I’m sorry,” Lake said. “I respect teachers deeply and I’m concerned that some are trying to use the teachers’ fight for higher pay to move forward with their own separate agendas.” In our opinion, this seems like too little too late for someone whose career should involve objectivity and due diligence with regards to research as opposed to spouting opinions and speculation. Be sure to follow the link below for the full story!

On Tuesday, Fox 10 Phoenix (KSAZ-TV) host Kari Lake tweeted an image of a T-shirt to back up her idea. The shirt showed a marijuana leaf overlaid on the state of Arizona and the words #GREENforED. A version of the design that Lake tweeted is for sale on the independent T-shirt marketplace Teepublic.

The existence of this T-shirt proved that her theory was right, Lake said in her tweet.

Show Host Claims Teacher Strike Is For Legalizing Marijuana

“This is a big push to legalize pot and to make it more savory by tossing teachers a bone with a substantial raise,” she wrote.

She added a hashtag: “#IHateTheDishonesty.”

By Tuesday evening, Lake’s tweet had been deleted amid a slew of backlash. In the replies to Lake’s tweet, people criticized her for using a single T-shirt design to draw sweeping conclusions about the grassroots push to raise teacher pay.

Teachers in Arizona will go on strike tomorrow over low wages and school funding, a move spearheaded by the #RedForEd movement which began in early March.


Phoenix T.V. Host Says Teacher Strike is About Legalizing Pot | Phoenix New Times