Finding and maintaining gainful employment can be pretty stressful sometimes if your are a regular cannabis user due to the infamous “piss tests.” The fear of having to take a drug test during the hiring process to the dread of having a surprise one sprung on you at a place where you already work are more than enough to make most enthusiast’s blood run cold. Many people nowadays view tests that focus on marijuana use as unfair given that many folks in recent years are turning to it as an alternative medicine.

Considering that some of the legally prescribed medications that are deemed healthy can often times have significantly worse side effects that can affect productivity. The fact that marijuana is singled out makes little sense to some. We are hopeful that companies attitudes towards marijuana change for the better soon but until then, be careful!

By drug testing employees for cannabis, federally-funded companies and prohibition-friendly organizations are filtering out some the most qualified job candidates. Even former FBI director James Comey joked about this in 2014, stating that the bureau should re-evaluate its drug-testing policy to attract better hires. And as legalization spreads, more Americans are using cannabis to enhance their life and improve their health. The result? According to a 2017 report, positive drug tests for marijuana are at a 12-year high.
Passing A Drug Test Without Quitting Marijuana
To avoid testing positive and losing a job offer, many cannabis users go through some extreme measures to make sure they pass a pee test, or even worse, the dreaded hair follicle test. We spoke to a handful of marijuana enthusiasts who’ve unsuccessfully tried to deceive these drug tests through a variety of gambits, from buying BS cleanses to basically moving into the gym with hopes of sweating out the THC. Unfortunately, many of these tricks and overpriced cleansing kits don’t work at all.

Do you believe that increased drug testing for marijuana and related products is really needed? Have you had any issues in the past with drug testing by an employer?

How to Pass a Drug Test Without Having to Quit Smoking Weed – Health