A few worried parents from Steamboat Springs, Colorado have voiced their concerns about the close proximity of marijuana shop that is set to open near the Rocky Mountain Karate Academy that their children attend. Nine residents so far have penned a letter stating that they are against having their children potentially exposed to the sights, sounds and smells that often accompany dispensaries. They want Rocky Mountain Remedies to be denied approval to move to their new location which would share a parking lot with the dojo. While this may seem a bit extreme to some, it is certainly up to a parent to decide what is best for their children.

The city’s planning commission is scheduled to have a ruling on this situation by next Tuesday, April the 3rd. Hopefully, it will ultimately be a fair decision that leaves all involved parties satisfied.

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS — A group of parents don’t think a marijuana store in Steamboat Springs should share a parking lot with a karate academy where their children train.

Nine parents of children who attend the Rocky Mountain Karate Academy have signed a letter urging the city’s planning commission to reject Rocky Mountain Remedies proposal to move from west Steamboat into a new location at 410 S. Lincoln Ave.

The planning commission is set to weigh in on the proposal Thursday evening before it is sent to the Steamboat Springs City Council for a final decision April 3.

“We are concerned with a close proximity of a retail marijuana storefront for a number of reasons including traffic, potential odors and the allure for children that a marijuana storefront could promote,” the parents wrote in the letter. “We do not want our children desensitized and familiar with marijuana at such a young and impressionable age.”


Parents want to keep marijuana shop away from dojo