During its long and storied history, New York City has never had a shortage of places where one can get a drink. From the ramshackle pubs that catered to the immigrants of various origins over a hundred years ago, to the hidden speakeasies of the prohibition era, and now the countless bars, happy hour spots, and clubs that can seemingly be found on almost every corner, one can always find a place to grab an alcoholic beverage at almost any given time in “the city that never sleeps.” Now, there is a CBD cocktail bar too.

adriaen-block, NYC marijuana, CBD Cocktail Bar, marijuana in New York, cannabis news, marijuana infused drinksA newly opened cocktail bar named “Adriaen Block” is hoping to be able to stand out from its numerous competitors in the area by being the first and only bar in NYC to serve cocktails that have CBD added as part of the ingredients. The Astoria, Queens tavern is seemingly looking to capitalize on the recent increased interest and popularity of CBD which is currently the only cannabis related product allowed in the state, which is mostly due to the fact that CBD does not contain any psychoactive properties like other cannabinoids such as THC have.

The locale was named after the 17th century Dutch explorer who became the first known European to enter the Long Island Sound through the strait known as “Hell’s Gate” and reach what is now known as Astoria. Much like the bar’s namesake, its owner, George Csonka, is a foreign entrepreneur who had traveled the globe extensively before finally settling in the city almost ten years ago. Csonka has been involved in the hospitality industry for quite some time having run various different ventures from night clubs to restaurants. Apparently inspired by personal experience, Csonka was recently introduced to CBD and its various positive effects saying that: “It’s mellowed me out…New York City is very stressful…it’s helped me ease up on my day.” With the opening of his new cocktail bar he is now able to help out other fellow New Yorkers experience the benefits of CBD for themselves while at the same time enjoying a tasty adult beverage.

NYC's First CBD Cocktail Bar, new york marijuana, cannabis newsCsonka went on to explain that Adriaen Block will have a unique process for adding CBD to its various cocktails. He has stated that they are looking to perfectly balance liquors that have a somewhat low alcohol content with the CBD extracts. The fact that some of the cocktails served include some humorous yet appropriate names like the “Stoney Negronis,” Bakin’ & Eggs,” and the “Rolled Fashioned,”along with Adriaen Block’s existence just goes to show how large a demand for legalized cannabis and related products that has been bubbling up in NYC for the past few years. While THC is still very much illegal in the state of New York, when asked if he would ever consider adding THC to their menu if and when it is legalized, Csonka was quoted as saying: “Never say never.”

Would you be interested in trying one of Adriaen Block’s CBD infused cocktails? Have you ever had a cannabis infused cocktail before?