The country is in an uproar! Many applaud the ingenuity that allowed a young girl in southern California to sell so many girl scout cookies, others are outraged about the message that a child selling cookies outside a potshop could send. Either way, it happened and the debate is on!

The Girl Scout Cookies strain of marijuana was forced to rename itself GSC, but the idea must have been the same. Who doesn’t like to eat girl scout cookies when they have the munchies?

The girl, who has not been publicly identified, sold more than 300 boxes in six hours, her father told ABC 10. Boxes now sell for as much as $5 in parts of the country, so she probably raised more than $1,500. Yes, there’s money in the munchies.

While some have praised the plucky scout for figuring out where the demand would probably be, the Girl Scouts organization has been wrestling with how to handle marijuana-adjacent sales as more states have legalized the drug.

Girls who wheel carts full of cookies are generally free to travel where they please with their parents, even if that path takes them past marijuana shops, but there are often stricter rules around where to set up booths or stands. There are no nationwide policies related to marijuana dispensaries. Each local organization sets its own policies.

“This is kind of a community issue,” said Mike Lopes, a spokesman for the Girl Scouts of the USA. “For the most part, it’s not any different than selling in front of any other kind of shop. It just happens to be a marijuana dispensary.”

It’s not the first time that girl scout cookies were sold outside of a marijuana dispensary. It happened in San Francisco and in Portland, Oregon. This time, the outrage has gone to another level though. Do you think that the girl was showing smart salesmanship by setting up outside Urbn Leaf, or do you think it sends a bad message to young children?