New York Marijuana Speakeasies

Christine Sclafani talks about the marijuana speakeasies found in New York City. They are very cool but not exactly legal. Everyone is really friendly and you shop at a counter and pay for it just like it is legal. If you have checked out a New New York mariuana speakeasy please comment below.

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Hey everyone, this is Christine Sclafani with TNMNews and I want to talk about the marijuana speakeasies found in New York City. First off, these speakeasies are awesome. Second, they are not exactly legal, hence why they’re called speakeasies. You see, while there has been lots of talk about adult-use marijuana being legalized in New York, it hasn’t actually happened yet.

If that hasn’t happened yet, then social consumption lounges certainly aren’t legal either. Funny thing is, some of these New York lounges have been around for a long time, they are not just a product of normalization efforts around the country. New York’s Mayor Bill de Blasio has openly told police in New York to leave cannabis consumers alone and you can see its impacts. It’s hard to turn a corner in New York and not smell weed. These lounges are every marijuana enthusiast’s dream.

Everyone is super friendly and it feels legal when you go in. You shop strains at a counter and pay for it just like you would legal recreational weed. They have social media profiles and handout flyers just like they were a legal company. I’ll refrain from mentioning the names of any of these establishments, but just Google “New York mariuana speakeasy” and you’ll find what you are looking for.

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