Few things in life go as well together as a tasty craft beer and some good greenery. Well, the creative folks over at Colorado’s New Belgium brewery have taken notice and are bringing together the best of both worlds with their new The Hemperor hemp pale ale! This new brew brings together hops and hemp to produce a fragrant beer that’s not unlike your standard IPA’s with regards to flavor but has the distinctive aroma of cannabis to it. While drinks that contain marijuana as an ingredient are nothing new, this is the first time a large scale brewery has dabbled with using hemp as an ingredient for their beer.

If you’re a fan of craft beer and cannabis make sure you are on the lookout for New Belgium brewery’s The Hemperor HPA, coming to a store near you starting on April 2nd!

The “hemp pale ale” blends hemp and hops for an earthy take on the traditional India Pale Ale with a resinous nose unmistakable to anyone who has found themselves downwind of Denver’s Civic Center Park on 4/20.

For the nation’s fourth-largest craft brewery, that’s an “herbal olfactory” win.
New Belgium Brewery's Hemp Beer!
Experimental suds are commonplace in the craft beer industry (bull testicle stout, anyone?), and other hemp beers are on tap across the country.

But with the coronation of The Hemperor, New Belgium is launching a movement, not a novelty beer, brewery spokesman Bryan Simpson said.

“We actually don’t want it to be a fad or kitschy.” he said.

Hemp as a beer ingredient remains largely taboo, as federal guidelines restrict certain parts of the cannabis plant from being used as an ingredient in beer.

But New Belgium found a work-around: hemp hearts, part of the plant legalized by the 2014 Farm Bill, and a proprietary process to utilize compounds from other materials that emulate the aromatic terpenes found in hemp.

The company is also staking out an advocacy position on hemp, partnering with Willie Nelson’s company GCH Inc to support Hemp 4 Victory, an organization lobbying for federal hemp legislation.

New Belgium Brewery's Hemp Beer!


All hail The Hemperor: New Belgium Brewery launches hemp beer