Have you ever been curious about America’s complicated history with marijuana and other illicit substances? If so, you’ll want to pay a visit to Washington’s Drug Enforcement Administration museum in Arlington, Virginia. From marijuana, heroin and crack, to questionable programs and policies, the museum showcases the United Sates government’s fight against illegal drugs throughout the years. A place most marijuana enthusiasts would consider to be the so called belly of the beast, we most definitely would not recommend visiting while under the influence of some greenery if you do tend to get on the paranoid side afterwards!

If you’re ever in the Arlington area and have some time to kill, try to swing by the DEA’s free museum for some interesting insight into their war on drugs and be sure to follow the link below for more details on this educational and potentially anxiety inducing attraction!

WASHINGTON – Two kinds of people visit the Drug Enforcement Administration Museum and Visitors Center: those who could pass a DEA background check, and those who could not and become increasingly paranoid that they are about to be unmasked and arrested, perhaps by the gift shop cashier. Both kinds of people were evident on my recent visit to the small, free museum, which is tucked into the lobby of the agency’s headquarters in Arlington, Virginia.

“Who says ‘grass’ anymore?” asked a 20-something guy holding a “Keep Off the Grass” bumper sticker adorned with a crossed-out pot leaf icon, available for a buck at the gift shop.

“Shhh!” replied his anxious-looking companion.

As for the other kind of people, I ran into two of them inside the museum. Notebooks in hand, they told me they were there to complete an assignment for their college “Drugs and Society” class.


You might feel paranoid visiting the DEA museum in Washington