We are proud to introduce you to Jeff Eichen’s Lifer’s Madness, the movie! Jeff has worked tirelessly to not only combat cannabis prohibition in the United States, but works to spread knowledge of the benefits of cannabis and the irrationality of prohibition globally. Proactively working to urge states into granting clemency to nonviolent marijuana crime offenders, in particular in states that have legalized cannabis, is the focus of his current work. He enters into the prison system and interviews inmates serving, what are for all intents and purposes, life sentences for minor nonviolent marijuana related crimes. He has received support from many advocates and people like Tommy Chong. Please come check out his work and see what a difference people can make when they work together.

Lifers Madness the movie is a six-part documentary focusing on non-violent criminals stuck in the prison system for life without parole on marijuana-related charges and nonviolent crimes committed/accused.

“Lifers” Trailer-2017 from Jeff Eichen on Vimeo.

A Los Angeles World Film Preview and Gala will be held on 4/20 2018 at 4:20 pm location TBA. Come be interviewed on the Green Carpet!!!

Speakers at the event will include:
Jeff Mizanskey (21.9 years in prison), now free.

George Martorano (31 years in prison), 5 years in solitary, now free.

Jeff Eichen (Film producer of “Lifers Madness”), now free.

Chris Conrad & Mikki Norris (Authors of The War On Drugs and Shattered Lives)

Tommy Chong ~ pending.

Tommy Chong Speaks to DPA 2017… from Jeff Eichen on Vimeo.

Presale tickets for the screening and gala are available for $45 at Brown Paper Tickets (http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/2583403). Tickets will be $48 at the door. Media are welcome to obtain a prearranged complimentary press pass by contacting producer Jeff Eichen jeichen@anet.net. There will be a silent auction, a restitution fund raiser for the prisoners and future productions as well as door prizes.

Free the non violent prisoners and Free the Plant!!!

Producer Jeff Eichen, a resident of Washington state, is committed to the end of marijuana prohibition and wants to help to be the voice for these prisoners and to tell their stories. He filmed inmate Jeff Mizanskey, a true “lifer” in the Jefferson City Correctional Center in Missouri, back in June 2015. He is continuing to interview more US and international inmates being held for non-violent drug charges. Jeff Eichen will be visiting and interviewing prisoners who are imprisoned for life for marijuana-related activity. “Seeing as the plant is now being re-legalized in many countries and states, the question remains, why are there still LIFERS in prison for pot and other related war on drugs charges.

The six parts of the documentary will cover:


  1. Overall introduction with interviews.
  2. How children & families were and are affected.
  3. The current movement and government policies.
  4. The medicinal side.
  5. The industrial side.
  6. Ending prohibition globally.

The documentary is intended to be a call to action: Lifers Madness is asking for Clemency, Reform and Restitution.

The documentary is one piece of a larger project. Along with the documentary, Eichen intends to simultaneously produce a restitution fund raising CD, concert tour, coffee table book and a museum art show that will travel the globe to awaken the public to the travesty of these imprisonments.

For more information or to obtain an interview, contact:

Jeff Eichen

Film Producer of “Lifers”

jeichen@anet.net  360-774-2235   





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