Nowadays, almost everyone is looking for ways to save their hard earned cash. From collecting coupons, joining discount clubs, shopping exclusively during sales, or shopping for non-brand name products, folks have been going the extra mile in order to hopefully save a buck or two. This also holds true when it comes to legal cannabis from dispensaries where “bargain bin” cannabis is quite common and surprisingly popular among enthusiasts looking to save some dough. However, purchasing cheap cannabis can leave you wondering, just how good is the bud considering it’s so cheap?

Cheap Cannabis, weed on sale, cannabis consumers, expensive marijuana, buying marijuanaThere are a number of different factors that can determine whether or not the cannabis will be discounted and not all are due to the actual quality of the cannabis in question so it helps to do a little homework to better understand why the herb is on sale. For starters, a particular strain or strains may be discounted due to the retailer being overstocked. This can occur for a few different reasons such as a harvest that overproduced flower, leading to more supply than demand. Most retailers in this position will often discount the price of quality herb that they simply have too much of. These types of discounts are usually temporary and the costs of the same herb can go back up once the dispensary’s supply is back to normal.

Another reason you may see deals and discounts is marketing. Due to ever increasing competition between the many dispensaries that have popped up post-legalization many retailers offer special deals on products in order to attract and keep more customers as well as build up their brand recognition. These types of deals tend to be more common around 4/20 and major holidays and tend to include good quality cannabis as a way for the dispensaries to make a name for themselves in a relatively new but highly competitive market.

The Ins & Outs Of Buying Cheap Cannabis, discounted cannabis, discounted weed, discounted marijuanaAside from the lower costs taking advantage of discounts has some additional benefits that go along with it. Many dispensaries usually have bargain items that are pre-packaged making them a convenient option for the enthusiast on the go. Also when oversupply of a strain is the reason for the discount you could potentially buy very high quality cannabis strains that you normally would have avoided due to the costs at a reasonable price. On the downside there’s always the possibility that the retailer is trying to get rid of some bad weed by passing it off as just being “bargain-priced.” While a lot of the times this can mean that the herb is not as potent or fresh as it should be, at worst it can mean that the retailer is trying to conceal the presence of mold, mildew, and even an insect infestation. Your best bet in avoiding this is by doing some research and looking up any available reviews that you can get your hands on to confirm that the sale is on the up and up.

Do you have any tips for buying cheap cannabis that you’d like to share with fellow enthusiasts?