Actress and pop singer Hilary Duff seemingly has no chill when it comes to people smoking weed in her vicinity. Duff recently took to Instagram to complain about her neighbor who smokes marijuana and cigarettes on a regular basis, much to her annoyance. Through several posts on the social media site, she very publicly called out the offending neighbor, Dieter Addison, while asking fans in New York for advice on the situation.

Though some may view this as Duff standing up for herself as she has every right to, there is something to be said about handling things in a private manner as opposed to airing your grievances with someone for literally the whole world to see. Given all of the coverage that this tiff has received, I don’t expect that Addison is too happy about the matter.

Getting HOC Is ‘So Yesterday’ For Hilary Duff
Hilary Duff's Beef With Weed Smoking Neighbor
Hilary Duff has made it pretty clear that she’s not down with ganja. She started off with a plea to her followers: What do you do about a neighbor who’s always lighting up?

“Calling all New Yorkers with asshole neighbors,” Hilary Duff begins her Instagram story. “I’m really open to any advice you have … my neighbor smokes cigarettes and weed all day long.”

Then She Got A Little More Personal
Hilary Duff's Beef With Weed Smoking Neighbor
“We know your parents pay your rent. We know you’ve never worked a day in your life. Must be nice. Have some respect for your neighbors who work hard to live in that building,” Hilary tells the camera, making it clear that she’s done joking.

Who is this neighbor? That cat’s out of the bag too as Hilary plasters “Dieter Addison” all over her story. She then adds his handle, just in case any of her angry fans want to reach him.

Do you think that she was out of line with her approach and should have handled her complaints differently? Are you surprised that anyone is this opposed to the smell of marijuana and someone smoking it anymore?

Hilary Duff Puts Her Weed-Smoking Neighbor on Blast on Instagram