It’s Oscar weekend, which usually means viewing parties with friends involving copious amounts of couch time, alcohol, junk food, and probably most important of all, marijuana! Few things in life go together as well as good weed along with a good movie and we have some very unique 2017 best picture nominees for enthusiasts to check out! From a love story between a lonely woman and a fish “thing,” an historical drama that’s very relevant at this time, to a surprise hit thriller from one of the funniest in the biz, there’s pretty much something for everyone this year!

For those looking for a solid drama, be sure to catch ‘The Post’. While it has very obvious political undertones (and what doesn’t nowadays?) Meryl Streep, arguably the First Lady of modern cinema and who received an Oscar nod for best actress in the somewhat controversial portrayal on the publishing of the ‘Pentagon Papers’ by the New York Times and the titular Washington Post.

It’s Oscars season, and that only means one thing: taking a look at each 2017 Best Picture nominee and answering if each film is worth the high. Also, just like last year, I’ll determine which character in each film needed cannabis the most. Let’s get to it.

The Post

Is It Worth the High?
Eh, I’d rather get high and watch something else. This is definitely not worth the high. Like…it’s cool, but that’s it. It’s one of those movies you wouldn’t mind watching on TNT while bored during a snow day, but going to the theater isn’t worth it at all. Tom Hanks has been on a string of really good yet really regular movies lately, and not even Queen Meryl could change that. Save your money and your bud and go see something else.

Which Character Needed Cannabis the Most?
Katherine Graham, owner of the Washington Post. Running a newspaper is hard enough, but imagine being the first female publisher of a newspaper that’s constantly getting its ass kicked by the New York Times. Now imagine all of that topped with a scandal and war with the federal government over the Pentagon Papers. Everything I just said spells out nothing but stress, so Kat definitely needed some THC relaxation.

On the other side of the spectrum, we have a superb and poignant thriller from the mind of comedian turned director, Jordan Peele. Stars Daniel Kaluuya and Allison Williams are on point in this particularly good horror flick that is not only up for Best Picture, it’s also been nominated for Best Original Screenplay, Best Director, and Best Actor for Kaluuya! This one will have you yelling “TS-motherf***n’-A” by the end!

Be sure to follow the link below to check out the rest of this year’s contenders before the big night!

Get Out

Is It Worth the High?
Absolutely. It was the most original and had the biggest cultural impact of anything up for the award. Get Out was scary, funny, engaging, educational, and overall the most complete movie of the year, in my opinion. It’s an instant classic, and because of it we’ll be using the term “The Sunken Place” for the rest of eternity. So yes, it’s definitely worth the high.

Which Character Needed Cannabis the Most?
Jeremy Armitage (Allison Williams’ character’s brother). This kid was way too high-strung and spazzy. He immediately came through and wanted to put Chris through the NFL combine, and it’s like bro, can you sit back and relax? Had Jeremy had a solo joint session, he would’ve had the time to sit back and realize how ridiculous his obsession with black athletes was.


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