Heightened Experience While Watching CGI

Doesn’t it feel like some cartoons, shows and movies are specifically made for high people? Especially all of the CGI movies like Avengers that are out now. Listen to Christine break down some pretty interesting theories.

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Hey all! Christine Sclafani, your cannabis culture correspondent for TNMews, is here again.

So, I have always thought that some movies, shows, cartoons and music were specifically made for the stoner crowd. Now, I think that entertainment has hit a place that nearly everything that comes out is optimized for a stoned experience. Whether it’s CGI or its some abstract or surreal story line, more of the stuff coming out is simply draw dropping for someone under the spell of THC.

Take the newest blockbuster out there, Avengers End Game. How is that wild CGI adventure not better when you are high? Or, this new Under the Silver Lake? That storyline looks like a calculated masterpiece that would make anyone think, but someone that is high might find it profound. Game of Thrones as well, how is that not more fun to watch while high?

So, what I would like to know is if you find yourself making sure that you are thoroughly dosed before checking out new movies, shows or music today than you ever used to.

Let me know down in the comments.

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