Gwyneth Paltrow, the star of such movies as Shakespeare In Love, The Royal Tenenbaums and Seven has been on the news several times over the past few years due to her public endorsement of various different holistic treatments through her lifestyle brand called Goop that have often proved to be controversial. From suggestions that female fans should “steam” their private on a regular basis to expounding on the benefits of caffeine enemas, the 45 year-old Oscar winner certainly has some interesting ideas when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle!

Gwyneth Paltrow's 'Goop' Brand, marijuana news, cannabis topicalsConsidering her very open-minded views on holistic approaches, it comes as little surprise that she and her company are now turning towards the power of cannabis for a new line of products. Paltrow’s California based company has been collaborating closely with marijuana dispensary chain, MedMen, to sell their products at their stores beginning with their Venice location. MedMen is at present one of the largest cannabis companies in the United States with an estimated value of over $1.6 billion. Interested enthusiasts will find a slew of different cannabis products ranging from teas, CBD bath bombs, and vaporizers. The Goop website will also feature vital information on the products as well as their potential effects.

The two companies also came together for a panel about marijuana this past June to formally announce the venture, displaying a strong sense of partnership between the entities. “I love this subject,” Paltrow was quoted as saying during the panel. “It really has the potential to shift old patterns of thought and change lives, and I feel like we really could be on the precipice of something a lot bigger than we realize, scientifically.” This new type of association can be viewed as a bit of a milestone since it is the very first deal of this kind between a major cannabis dispensary chain and a well known and mainstream wellness company.

GOOP, weed news, tnmnews, marijuana legalization, CBD bath bombHowever, the amount of publicity can be a bit of a “double-edged sword” when it comes to this particular business venture. Considering that cannabis proponents are still fighting the good fight in order to changes people’s minds about its effectiveness as a form of treatment for a number of different ailments, being associated with Paltrow and her company could potentially have a negative impact. Given that they have been publicly criticized for promoting “pseudoscience” when it comes to their products, many are concerned that folks will look at cannabis in a similar light as Goop’s attempts to market ineffective “bio frequency healing stickers” as well as a jade egg meant to go in one’s vagina. Of course common sense would tell most people that some of their items probably doesn’t work as advertised, folks can still be taken in by bad and inaccurate science when it comes to their health.

Do you trust that Goop and MedMen will do right by the cannabis community with regards to staying away from making any unfounded and pseudo-scientific claims about their products? Would you ever consider purchasing a cannabis related product from Goop yourself?