Comedian and actor, Jordan Peele, can now add Oscar winning filmmaker to his already impressive resume! The prolific artist has recently won his first Academy Award for Best Screenplay for his smash 2017 hit Get Out. Peele, who you probably already know from his work on Comedy Central’s hilarious sketch comedy show ‘Key & Peele’ that aired from 2012 – 2015 and from 2016’s sleeper comedy Keanu. Jordan was very candid during his Oscar acceptance speech, to the point of citing his marijuana use as being a contributing factor in writing the film’s award winning screenplay. While the comment was likely meant in jest, there is some truth behind the artist’s confession. As many of us already know marijuana can at times awaken our innovative sides, so it comes as little surprise that it played a part in the film’s creative process!

Be sure to follow the link below for additional info and if you are in the mood for a pretty awesome thriller and a great film overall, make sure to watch Peele’s Get Out when you have the chance!

It’s no secret that one of the greatest ‘side effects’ of cannabis is the facilitation of the creative spark. Microdosing a sativa-dominant strain throughout your day could be the easiest way to get your creative juices flowing, and we’re seeing more and more artists give credit to the ganja for helping them get through some of their finest work. One of the latest prominent celebrities to pay their respects for the plant is the filmmaker, comedian and actor Jordan Peele, who just won his first Academy Award for Best Screenplay for his horror movie Get Out.

During his acceptance speech, Peele was sure to include cannabis in his list of influences for the film.

“This project didn’t start as a statement, it began as me wanting to make a film in my favorite genre,” Peele explained during his speech.

“I sat down, and I would smoke a little bit of weed while I try to write a mind-bending horror film. At some point, I just followed the truth and realized there are people that are locked up for smoking less weed than I smoked while I wrote the movie.”

Although there was obviously a hint of humor in the comedian’s voice throughout the speech, it was obvious that he was, in fact, totally serious about his attribution to weed.


Jordan Peele Credits ‘Get Out’ Script To Smoking Weed