Game of Thrones and Weed

There are four more episodes of Game of Thrones left! What we really want to know here at TNMNews is how many of you are having a serious session before each episode? Let us know the different ways weed plays a role in your GOT experience. In the meantime, listen to Christine tell you all about the GOT weed strains and how some of the actors like to enjoy their kush too.

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Hey all of you Game of Thrones lovers, this is Christine Sclafani your TNMNews cannabis culture correspondent.

I don’t know about you but I am so excited about this final season of Game of Thrones. I think Tyrion is the bomb and those dragons are just so cool. I also know there are plenty of you that get a major session in before each episode. There are only 5 episodes left and everyone should be making the most of it.

So, if you didn’t know, there are three different marijuana strains named after Game of Thrones. There is Whitewalker OG, Blackwater and Khaleesi Kush. I personally would love me some Khaleesi Kush, oh yes I would.

Also, Sophie Turner, the actor that plays Sansa (San-Za) Stark, and Maisie (May-Zee) Williams, the actor that plays Aria Stark, are both open marijuana users. They even dressed up like a couple of pot brownies together one Halloween.

What I want to know is how weed plays a part in your GOT festivities. Let us know down in the comments so that we can lift everybody’s Game of Thrones game!

Stay lifted everyone!

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