Funny weed stories

Listen to Christine Sclafani tell a hilarious conversation she saw on Reddit. Do you have any crazy weed stories? We would love to hear some of your stories down below.

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I don’t know about you, but I think Reddit is a pretty awesome forum. I’m Chrstine Sclafani with The National Marijuana News and I like all of the open uncensored conversation in Reddit and how it’s not overblown with ads and self-promotion. The weed community is really something else in Reddit as well. The weed thread is pretty hilarious. There is one conversation all about crazy things that have happened to people while they were stoned.

As an example, one story talks about a group of friends enjoying a session together while at a festival. Unbeknownst to the guy holding the joint, a security guard walks up behind him and everyone else in the circle is just too stoned to tell him. The guard asks if it’s weed, the guy holding the joint tells him its tobacco, the guard takes the joint, takes a massive drag on it, holds it, blows it out slowly and says, “yep, its weed!” Then goes on his merry way. That’s hilarious! So, we would love to hear some of your crazy weed stories down below. Let’s see if we can really get something going!

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