Torches, nails, and rigs, oh my! Dabbing cannabis concentrates can be intimidating for a lot of folks, even veteran cannabis enthusiasts may be turned off, especially due to the potential safety concerns about using a butane torch lighter and consuming an high potency cannabis product. If you’re new to the world of cannabis concentrates or just looking for tips, check out these five tips for when you try your hand at dabbing.

Careful with that nail:

Tips For Dabbing Safely, weed dabs, cannabis dabs, marijuana dabsOne of the main causes of injury that folks can get when dabbing is getting a nail burn. Merely brushing your arm against your dab kit with quartz banger could ruin your day, so avoid this by using a long dabber so that you can move your hand as far away from the nail as possible. Ideally you will want to use dab tools that have carb caps on one side because they’re usually long enough to remove the risk of catching any part of your skin on the extremely hot surface. When using an electric nail make sure to keep the coil wrapped around your dish so that it is facing away from you so that you can avoid contact as you lower your arm. You should be extra cautious at all times when using an electric nail as they are always hot when turned on and take much longer to cool down than a regular nail.

Cleanliness counts:

You will want to keep your dabbing tools as clean as possible as unwanted bits of foreign materials tend to cover them after a bit of use. To better help keep your tools clean you can invest in a decent rubber mat to place them on which will keep everything from rolling off of table edges and away from high traffic areas of your home (this is especially key if you have any pets). Aside from keeping your dab tools away from the ground or dirty surfaces, be sure to heat your tool a little bit and wipe it off between hits for extra cleanliness.

Get your dosing right:

Tips For Dabbing Safely, dab dosing, dab dosages, dabbing weed, marijuana culture, cannabis newsIf this is your first foray into using concentrates you will want to start out small in order to gauge your tolerance. The high that comes from using your dabbing kit to superheat cannabis concentrates may be a little too intense for some so it is a good idea to only use small portions until you know where you stand. Keep in mind that consuming concentrates in this way is called “dabbing” because if they were meant to be taken in large portions. The ideal size to begin your dabbing rig journey with is just enough to cover the end of your dabber. From there you can gradually increase the quantity of concentrate used as needed.

Lower temperatures for the win:

Dabbing at lower temperatures will help accentuate all of the positive benefits from concentrates like the more pronounced effects, as well as smoothness and taste from the smoke produced. The best way to find consistency with the use of a quartz nail and Blink torch lighter largely depend on the material the rig is made out of. For example, for anything besides glass, you will want to get your nail red hot until it is glowing. As it begins to cool down, place your hand right over it and wait until it’s just bearable to hover right above. For dabbing kits that come with rigs, they are usually made from thicker quartz and titanium you’ll want to wait on the longer side, since these two examples often retain heat better. When your nail is ready, simply put the dab on the heated nail and apply the cover for your nail to get a good pull.

Practice proper torch safety:

Tips For Dabbing Safely, cannabis torch, butane torch, marijuana torch, dabbing torchLastly, using a torch lighter for dabbing requires your utmost attention. Many of the problems that folks have with dabbing center  around the perils of using a butane torch indoors while trying to get high. Before you start up your torch, look around to ensure that there is nothing flammable in the area of your glass and nail to prevent any potentially devastating accidents from occurring while you are medicating. When refilling your butane dab torch, make sure that the nozzle and your torch’s plug are compatible to prevent any of the butane from leaking.

Do you have any tips or tricks for dabbing safely that you’d like to share?