Cannabidiol (or CBD) is one of the many natural compounds called cannabinoids which are found in the marijuana plant. CBD is not psychoactive meaning that it won’t get you high but research has shown that it’s use can have some very positive effects in treating a number of different medical conditions. Even though limited, studies have already gone on to show promising results when using CBD for the treatment of epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, anxiety disorders and many other diseases all the while also acting as an anti-inflammatory agent.

Unfortunately, per a recent study by the University of Pennsylvania CBD products from several different manufacturers were tested to confirm their actual potency compared to what was listed on the labels. Their results showed that over two thirds of the products used for the study were improperly labeled with regards to their CBD content. Many of those tested were shown to have a significantly higher and lower concentrations of CBD than advertised which brings into question the overall quality control and effectiveness of their products. This is terrible news for the cannabis industry in general and can pose a significant concern for those that rely on CBD products to treat any number of medical conditions.

As an alternative to relying on sometimes less than reputable sources in order to obtain your CBD, folks are able to make their own oil at home to ensure that they are indeed consuming an adequate amount of the substance to suit their needs. One of the simplest ways to make your own CBD is by using grain alcohol to extract the cannabinoid from the marijuana plant, which will leave you with medicinal-grade CBD oil that you can use as needed. Follow the below easy steps and you’ll be producing your very own CBD oil in no time!

How To Extract Your Own CBD Oil, marijuana news. CBD products, cannabidiolSupplies:
1oz of dried and ground cannabis from your desired strain
1 gallon of grain alcohol
Double boiler
Medium sized mixing bowl
Cheesecloth for straining
Catchment container
Wooden spoon
Plastic syringe

First, put the ground cannabis into the mixing bowl and cover the matter with the alcohol, making sure that all of it is immersed and there are no bits floating on the surface. Then, use the spoon to mix the cannabis within the alcohol for around three minutes ensuring that the plant matter has been completely saturated by it.

After the cannabis has been fully saturated, place the cheesecloth over the opening of your catchment container and pour the liquid mix from the bowl into it allowing the liquid to be filtered completely. Once the liquid has been completely strained pour it into the double boiler and fill the bottom with an appropriate amount of water. Next, put the boiler on high heat until the solution begins bubbling as the alcohol starts evaporating.

How To Extract Your Own CBD Oil, cannabis news, marijuana legalizationWhen it begins to bubble go ahead and turn off the burner since the heat contained in the water should continue heating the mixture. Make sure to also occasionally mix the solution with your spatula and scrape the sides of the pan as you mix. If at any point it stops bubbling, you may need to turn the heat back on for a little while longer. This step usually takes between fifteen and twenty-five minutes but you want to make sure that the mixture doesn’t get too hot since that will damage the CBD and potentially ruin your batch.

When the mixture is clear and no longer bubbling, turn the heat back on to a low setting to allow the mixture to begin bubbling again then turn off the heat entirely. Continue stirring the mixture so that even more alcohol will be evaporated. You will know that the oil is ready to go when it has a thick consistency and is no longer bubbling. At this point you will want to move the oil into containers by slowly drawing out the CBD oil into the plastic syringe since it continues to thicken as it cools. Then end result of this process should yield about two to four grams of some very high-grade CBD oil.

Have you ever made CBD oil before? Do you have any techniques you would like to share?