Looking for something fun and different to do while baked with your friends? Check this list of activities that you and your best buds can enjoy after a good session. Being high on marijuana is the perfect time to let loose some of your creative side without taking yourself too seriously, being embarrassed or feeling self conscious, so why not try a little impromptu signing and dancing if the mood strikes?

Nature hikes, some non-intensive sports, and picnics can be a good time for enthusiasts that enjoy the great outdoors. Board games are always a great option for those that would rather stay inside or on days when the weather is not so nice. Of course, there’s always something to be said about sharing a good meal when stoned. Whether a home cooked dinner or a nice brunch, good food has a way of bringing folks closer together.

10 Activities to Enjoy with Your Friends While High on Cannabis

1. Dance like nobody can see you. With a little help from your cannabis, you can return to those teen days when you would dance alone in your room. In those days, you would dance with abandon partly because you were learning to dance, you were finding your own style, and you just didn’t care.

Sing like nobody can hear you also takes you back to those puberty years where you would sing into your hairbrush microphone. A cannabis high provides that untroubled and euphoric high where the simplest and least complicated things are fun. Dancing and singing as if nobody can see or hear doesn’t mean you have to do it alone. Being silly or uninhibited with friends can double the fun.

2. Turn down the lights and listen in the dark. When you adjust your soundproof earphones and lie down in the dark, you can listen to your favorite tunes. You can play them loud or low. You can listen to pop, jazz, hip-hop, classical, or the latest techno sounds.

Have you tried any of these before? Are there any activities that you’d want to add to the list?

10 Activities to Enjoy with Your Friends While High on Cannabis | AllBud