Matthew and Suzeanna Brill, a couple from Georgia, are facing some significant legal troubles after it was found that they had been providing their son with illegally obtained marijuana in order to treat his epilepsy. The Brills claimed that their son David’s use of weed helped put a stop to his regular daily seizures for a period of over seventy days.

Unfortunately for the Brills, they have lost custody as a result and could potentially end up in jail for their actions, despite the positive effects that using marijuana had on their child’s health and overall quality of life. Do you agree that this is a perfect example as to why cannabis should be legalized for medical reasons at very least?

The Brills say their 15-year-old son David went from having up to 10 seizures a day to being seizure free for 71 days after he began smoking marijuana, reports CBS News’ Omar VIllafranca. The couple said he’s never gone that long without a seizure before.

“For our son, it was a miracle for him,” Matthew said.

Currently, medical marijuana is legal in 29 states and Washington, D.C. Nine states and D.C. allow for legal recreational marijuana. But Georgia has some of the strictest marijuana laws in the country. Physicians are not allowed to prescribe marijuana for medical use and it’s illegal to sell or possess it. But the law does allow those with a state-issued medical card to possess low THC oil.

“The only way he could get a medical card would be a six-year waiting list,” Suzeanna said.

So the Brills, frustrated with traditional prescription medication, took matters into their own hands. Matthew said he smoked the illegally-purchased marijuana first to make sure it was okay before giving it to his stepson.

Do you think that authorities are actually putting the child’s health and well-being in greater danger with their actions, despite the fact that they are following the law?

Georgia couple loses custody of son after giving him marijuana to treat seizures – CBS News