There are many stories of how medical marijuana has impacted people around the country, whether they suffer from chronic pain, seizures, PTSD, etc.. For Danny Sloat, not only did it resolve his chronic pain, opioid addiction and weight problem, it also is solving his financial problems now with his new company, AlpinStash.

Danny’s stomach issue at a young age snowballed into many other problems and his doctors only had opiate-based prescription drugs to offer him. Here is a segment of his miraculous story from patient to entrepreneur.

MJ:  In your early 20’s you started suffering from chronic stomach pain, which doctors treated with increasing doses of opiates. Can you tell us a little about that?

DS: Yes, I had stomach issues and then developed a nerve impingement issue called thoracic outlet syndrome and a non-cancerous base of skull tumor that had to get removed all in the same time period.

[The cannabis] definitely provided pain relief, which at that point the opiates had stopped doing. It’s the classic thing where opiates help pain, but the more you take them the more you need. The other thing cannabis provided was a means to escape mentally from the situation I was in. It put me in a positive headspace and allowed me to have a mental break from dealing with pain and being stuck in such a rut for so long.

So the combination of physical pain relief and mental breathing room was very important.

As time went by, I got off medications and my head began to clear. It was like, ‘oh wow, this problem was caused by the medication I was on, and all the weight that I had gained was caused in large part by all the medication.’

How did these experiences lead to you getting into the cannabis industry?

The first dispensary I went to, the purchase I made came with a free clone and then the subsequent purchases I made also came with free clones. Gardening had been something I had been interested in and had done on and off and I had found [it]very therapeutic.

Maybe most stories concerning the impacts of medical marijuana therapy are not as dramatic as Danny’s, but all the same the anecdotal stories people are telling are life changing. Do you have a story about how medical marijuana has helped you? We would love to hear it!