Ever wonder how fellow enthusiasts handle their jobs and careers while still being able to enjoy their weed? Check out these fascinating anecdotes from fellow marijuana lovers that tried to incorporate smoking into their work lives, some successfully and others not so much. Even though many proponents that use marijuana during work hours do so to treat valid medical issues like anxiety, despite successful legalization efforts having taken root in several states in the past few years, marijuana is still very much illegal at a federal level. Coupled with the negative stigma that is all too often associated with cannabis users, this can prove to be very problematic when it comes to finding and maintaining employment.

While some proponents may argue that marijuana use is no different and even less harmful than alcohol or some prescription drugs, they still have a long way to go to change the overall attitudes about cannabis in the states.

Follow the link below for some more stories from other “high performers” and be sure to check out MERRY JANE’s tutorial video on how to be a highly productive stoner and for some helpful hints on balancing your cannabis use and daily life!

MERRY JANE got in touch with a number of legit, hardworking people who had unique stories about sneaking smoke seshes at work. Follow their tips, learn from their foibles, and the straight-laced (and maybe drunk) suits won’t be any the wiser. It’s one thing to be a highly productive stoner; it’s another to be a highly productive stoner who stays employed!

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Confessions About Being High At Work!

Our office was always really chill about weed — and drug culture in general — because the media company was all about covering sex/drugs/etc. That said, you could get in trouble if you were behind on work and clearly stoned. But as the company grew, more and more corporate types began touring the office and taking meetings. HR eventually made everyone throw out our paraphernalia (as well as porn) before one super VIP guest came by. After that, things felt different and it was infinitely less tolerated to be caught smoking a joint outside the front entrance. To stay under-the-radar, me and my canna-colleagues began smoking “green lanterns” — aka rolled cigarettes with a pinch of weed at the very tip. It was almost like using one of those cigarette-shaped one hitters, but there’d be no paper trail. We never got caught. I got so used to smoking those bastardized spliffs that even today they’re my consumption method of choice.


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