John Lyons, a famous Colorado rancher with a career that spans over forty years, looks to be trading in his saddle and entering the state’s growing marijuana market! After considering selling his seventy acre ranch and retiring, Lyons was introduced to the world of hemp and cannabis by potential buyers of his land. Soon enough after a little research, visits to various cannabis expos, and some homework, the long time horseman decided against riding off into the sunset and began work on turning his property into a large scale growing facility for cannabis, focusing primarily on CBD infused medicines and products. It is rather amazing how the cannabis movement has been so inspiring to so many people.

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GLENWOOD SPRINGS, Colo. (AP) — After a long and successful career up on the saddle training horses and their owners across the country, John Lyons wanted nothing more than to retire, ride off into the sunset and sell his 70-acre Parachute ranch for the next generation to take the reigns.

Known far and wide as “America’s Most Trusted Horseman,” last year Lyons moved forward with his plans to sell, even meeting with a potential buyer who felt the ranch could be a great location for a hemp and CBD (Cannabidiol) oil facility. But when Lyons began reflecting on his life and retirement he knew he wasn’t ready to walk away from his home for the past 40-plus years.

Those potential buyers invited Lyons to join them at an expo on the CBD oil and hemp industry last August to learn more about the business they hoped to start. That’s when, instead of retiring, John and his wife Jody, an emergency room nurse and RN, found their next calling.

Lyons’ mindset soon changed from eager seller to investor.


From horse to hemp: Colorado rancher eyes second calling